The New Age of Tech

When I started in technology PR, back in the day, people would ask what I did. I explained and they would quickly glaze over. A couple of years later, as the dotcom boom took hold, friends might ask my opinion on this or that but as my speciality then was enterprise IT, I scored rather poorly on the cool scale.

I have always loved working with technology companies. There’s so much to learn, so much to get your teeth into. You can get a unique insight into all sorts of industries and see how digital transforms businesses. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t occasionally glance wistfully at colleagues in the consumer department, unpacking freebies from the latest skincare brand or booking the Eurostar to Paris Fashion Week, but I always felt at home with technology.

Now, with digital permeating every aspect of our lives, technology has never been more relevant. As consumers, technology has changed the way we shop, access information, communicate and socialise.

The most interesting change that I have witnessed is the merging of consumer and business technology. According to Forbes[1], the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the world’s population this year. And wearable technology is here to stay (although, for the record, I look ridiculous in Google Glass). The business world is obviously dominated by digital, but the trend for user-centric IT is growing. Organisations are moving away from legacy systems, to cloud delivery models. This makes companies and their employees more able to quickly respond to market demand. By designing the IT strategy with users front-of-mind, the resulting technology will predominately help employees become better at their jobs. And who wouldn’t like that?

Am I finally cool? Not really, but I’m delighted that there are more geeks about.

[1] http://www.forbes.com/sites/techonomy/2014/08/20/ten-ways-connected-devices-will-impact-every-organization/