​Getting started with social media

One of the biggest enigmas for growing businesses is social media. Executed properly, it can be a remarkable resource which ticks many of the boxes time-pressed businesses look for in marketing – cost-effective, targeted, customer focused and measurable. However, for decision-makers without the time to commit to getting their businesses’ social presence right, it can be bewildering.

Across different business models – B2C, B2B, selling directly or selling through partners or retailers – the trepidation is frequently the same.

The Bright Hub has one ethos for all our clients: teach them to help themselves. We urge any business to think twice about paying for an agency to be community managers – it’s never cost-effective or efficient. Instead, we focus on auditing current social media channels and strategies, in many cases setting them up. The account team works with the client to develop a narrative that complements other communications (web site, marketing materials, media) and supports the business objectives. We develop social media calendars on a monthly or quarterly basis to provide structure and capture key events and dates, reviewing at each stage to measure volume and sentiment.

Crucially, we work with a nominated person at the clients’ business to run the day to day community management, providing guidance, advice and training as required.

At the beginning of 2017, we began working with the pet food brands, ACANA and ORIJEN. The objective for the programme was is to drive demand for ORIJEN & ACANA amongst UK pet owners, focusing on digital channels to expand awareness and drive demand. In five short months, we delivered a 26% boost in followers on Facebook and a 52% increase in Instagram fans, predominately through organic reach. Significantly, engagement has rocketed, with an increase of 1714% in some months.

B2B brands often focus just on LinkedIn and Twitter, but we work with them to develop more holistic social media strategies that often embrace the ‘softer’ social media channels to engage their audiences better. As the LinkedIn meme goes, it’s not B2B, or B2C, but H2H. Too many businesses just see social media as something they have to do or a way to support sales, making the mistake of only broadcasting their news and views. Regular interaction, hooking into broader trends and sharing follower content alongside your own narrative makes for a much more engaging experience for prospects, influencers, partners and customers.

If in doubt, whenever engaging on social media, imagine yourself in an unfamiliar social situation. Be interesting, interested, engaging, considered and don’t talk about yourself all the time!

If you want to communicate with and inspire customers over social media, get in touch.